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My Jaded Existence

and other stuff...

June 21st, 2009

school stuff mostly @ 07:04 am

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So, I love the new laptop... I am using it right now... I have been trying to use it as much as possible so that I can get use to the keyboard... it has pretty much become my primary computer... I haven't even turned my old computer on it days.

My kindle still hasn't arrived yet, despite amazon saying that the delivery estimate was on Friday, the 19th. I am watching for it every day.

I went to my transfer student orientation for University of Houston Downtown on Tuesday... I really think I am going to love my new campus... it is so much more impressive than my old school... it's kinda like going from a bicycle to a limosine. -- There is a Starbucks, a Smoothie King, a Chick Fil-A, and a Taco Bell all IN the building... the library is two entire floors of the main building (which is 10 floors high) -- there are 3 big student lounge areas with comfortable seating and tables everywhere -- the whole building has WiFi so I can use my laptop anywhere.

I went ahead and got signed up for next semester which starts on Aug. 25th. -- I will be taking 15 hours (5 classes) -- On the afternoons on Mon/Wed I will be taking Brit Lit I and Brit Lit II (yup, I am taking both at the same time) -- then on Tues/Thur evenings, I am taking Intro to Poetry, Intro to Fiction, and Human Sexuality (to fulfill social sciences requirement)... I am slightly concerned about the amount of material I am going to have to read for all these English classes, but I there really is no way around it... my schoolwork is going to be reading intensive.

On a postive note, my financial aid came through ina big way -- the amount of money I am getting for my pell grant will almost completely cover my tuition, so all I really have to pay for is my books -- so I can take the minimal amount of student loans possible and not bury myself in debt. YAY.

I am still hoping to get at least one of my textbooks in kindle format this semester.... who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find more that that.

anywho... today I am going to lunch with my mom and a bunch of her work friends and then we are all going to go see Cabaret... originally another work friend was going, but she got sick at the last minute so I inherited her spot.
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My Jaded Existence

and other stuff...