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December 29th, 2009

grades and holidays... then ranting about religion. @ 04:07 am

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For those that aren't connected to me via email or facebook, my semester ended up going well... although the last couple of weeks almost killed me. I ended up with 4 Bs and 1 A.... not the best I have ever done but I am still pretty happy with it. -- and I am now enjoying the few more weeks I have off until the next semester starts.

We had a pretty good Chrismakahuleazaa... lol, I don't even know what to call it anymore... I don't really celebrate any of the holidays that coincide with the winter holiday season, but I do enjoy the giving/receiving gifts.... so more than anything its more like "We made it through another year, so we deserve these things"

I did however remove a whole bunch of people from my facebook friends list due to excessive Jesus-ness... I think the absolute last straw was when this girl I went to high school with started this rant about abbreviating Christmas to Xmas... she was like 'We need to put the "Christ" back in Christmas because Christ's birth is really what it's all about'... and my first thought was to respond and educate her about Christmas's pagan origins, that historically Jesus was actually born in the summer, and that the pagan holiday that got hijacked and became Christmas celebrates the return of the SUN God... not the son of God... and that basically everything that is done to celebrate Xmas is directly pagan, from the yule log turned Xmas tree, to the mistletoe... hell even the exchanging of gifts is a pagan thing that was modified so that the pagans would accept christiany being forced down their throats.

... but rather than going off, I decided it was easier to just nip this in the bud and de-friend her along with about 7 or 8 other people who had made like-minded entries.

I am just not a religious person... but I try to just not discuss it as often as possible. My LJ is probably the only place I ever really discuss religion. I don't mind if people are religious as long as they dont shove it down my throat... although I do think that the world will be a better place when people finally outgrow religion.

When I look back at History and all the different beliefs that people have had, the ways they tried to explain that which couldn't be explained at the time... that's all religion is to me... people trying to explain what they don't understand by pointing a finger at a fictional character that and saying "well, he did it... but don't ask how or why... just believe" -- sorry, but no.

anywho... it is now the wee hours of the morning and I should have gone to bed long ago.
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Date:December 29th, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
I'm about in the same boat as you. The sooner people lose religion the better. Religion, (like any man-made endeavor), is doomed to failure. My leanings are more spiritual. I do believe there is a higher power. Whether that be God, Nature, aliens who seeded this world... doesn't matter. I believe in the connection of all things and it can be heartbreaking if dwelt upon to see how disconnected we all are with each other and all creation around us.

Religion causes dissent, hate, intolerance... all those things that are in direct opposition of where we need to be going if we're to reach that higher plane. There is no one path there; that's what so many don't get. If someone chooses Christianity as their path, that's great, but it's not for them to push it on others, to judge others over it... it's a personal walk, not a group or social event. That's my opinion anyway. ^_^

Hugs for saying goodbye to the religious nutsoes who are damning us all to some illusionary place they call hell.

My Jaded Existence

and other stuff...