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My Jaded Existence

and other stuff...

Puppy DiFranco
16 October 1979
I am a freak in the best sense of the word. I am a 29 year-old, gay, male, pagan, typical libra. -- Anything else ya wanna know, ask... or just read my journal.

If you are so inclined you can find me at MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/puppydifranco

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Date Created:05/23/03
Number of Posts: 629

Trying to describe Puppy is almost impossible, for he is such a unique person that he defies classification.
Strengths: He is always there for a friend in need and has a great sense of humor.
Weaknesses: Ice Cream Addict, Irrational fear of alligators
Special Skills: Sings, Writes, Gives great head.
Weapons: puppy dog eyes...
Pet Peeves: My brothers... Smoking Prohibited Areas...People who think being gay is a choice....People who think Ani is country.... people in general.

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